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Ansley’s Funky Dance Video

January 13, 2011

Ansley loves “The Little Einsteins”.  For those of you without toddlers, this is a cartoon that comes on the Disney Channel.  I know you’re not supposed to let your children watch television until they are 2 to prevent ADD, but don’t hate on us.  Ansley’s favorite Little Einstein is Leo.  Do you need proof?

And you have GOT to see what she does when the show comes on:


Snow Storm!

January 13, 2011

We woke up and noticed the snow coming down sometime in the wee hours of Monday morning.  The local meteorologists had promised a sizeable event, and mother nature delivered.  Stephanie was excited to see this TV shot:

Fast forward a few days and tomorrow will be Stephanie’s 4th day off.  I went in for about 4 hours today, but was almost involved in a wreck on the way home.  I’m going to be watching the roads tomorrow, but I think I will be  going in late again!  We are going STIR CRAZY around here.   And, we’re down to our last Diet Coke, which is bad news around here!  Anways, here are  some snow pictures from our house:

The snow was beautiful falling, but now I am ready for it to melt!  Stay safe and warm everyone.

I wanna be a Toys R Us Kid!

January 10, 2011

Saturday was kind of a low-key day for us.  I don’t know about you all, but our weekends seem to come in two varieties.  Either we have  a ton of events to attend or chores to complete or we have nothing at all.  This weekend was pretty much a nothing at all weekend.  We did have lunch planned at Uncle Kenneth’s with the Scruggs family, but that’s about it.

Anyways, back to our low-key Saturday.  We decided to go to Toys R Us for two reasons.  One, we had reward dollars that were going to expire soon and two, Ansley LOVES the place.  She is all smiles when we arrive and walk down the long hallway to the store.  People from Spartanburg will know what I’m talking about.  I remember going to the Spartanburg Toys R Us when I was a kid.  All  the anticipation on the ride there and then the long hallway at the store building up to the climactic wonderland of toys at the end of the hallway.  I hear we are getting a new Toys R Us / Babies R Us sometime in 2011…so no more hallway, I’m sure.  Ansley had 25 reward dollars to spend, so off we went through the store:

You can see why Ansley loves the place.  The worker in the pictures is actually her Grandma Linda.  She has worked at Toys R Us since the 1980’s.  She is our inside connection to all the latest toys, and helps us find whatever we need while we’re shopping.  She takes care of us for sure!

As for the purchase, Stephanie decided on a Cinderella baby doll.  She wanted to buy her something “Disney” for Ansley to take on our Disney cruise planned for this summer.  Also, Dr. John (Ansley’s pediatrician) wants Ansley to be taking care of her baby dolls before her next visit.  Specifically she should be able to brush their hair.  Ansley already has lots of dolls, but they all have plastic hair…which I guess isn’t conducive to brushing.

We’re happy to report that Ansley has combed the baby’s hair and fed her a bottle.  Although, Ansley tries to drink the baby’s bottle too!

Sunday was pretty much church, lunch at Kenneth’s and weather watching.  The pastor made me laugh today.  I’m paraphrasing here, but he said…if you want to hear a wonderful story, then go to Barnes & Noble, they’ve got plenty…I’m only preaching Jesus Christ out of this pulpit.  He said this with the most sincerity ever, but the B&N reference cracked me up.  Well I hope everyone’s got their bread and milk.  It looks like we’re getting some snow tomorrow.  The governor has already closed all state offices tomorrow.  Until next time…

As if it couldn’t get worse!

January 8, 2011

Tonight was just bad for me (Steven) personally.  For starters, I’m trying to cut back on what I eat.  For lunch today I had one of those frozen dinners and a cup of applesauce.  As you might imagine, by 5:30 or 6:00 when I get home from work I am ready to eat our house brick by brick.  And unfortunately, the fullness of my belly and the shortness of my fuse are inversely related.  I was an irritable beast until we arrived at Panera.


The Logo

When we got there, Stephanie was taking care of Ansley and getting her settled into a high chair and I went to order.  I ordered the you pick two.  I told the man, “yes i’d like the you pick two with the turkey sandwich and chips.”  He replied, “What else?”  I was so confused.  The you pick two comes with half a sandwich, a side, AND your choice of a soup or salad.  Well, that fact totally eluded me until the man was like…sir, you ordered the you pick two and you only picked one.  HAHA!  I felt like a complete idiot.  I’m sure he thought I was clueless or left my brain at home.  I “picked” the chicken noodle soup and Steph had French onion soup and an apple.  I managed to get both our soups to the table without spilling.  Ansley was really lively at the table tonight. She talked and cooed and yelled the entire time. Eye ye Eye Ye MA MA MA WHHHHAAAAAAH!!!  She is so loud.  I would like to publicly apologize to the couple by the fireplace.  I think we ruined their date.  The food was delicious as always. 

Man, what is up with the people who dine at the Eastside Panera!  They act so snotty. “I don’t care if it’s not on the menu, this is a sandwich shop and I want a tuna on whole wheat”.  I mean why don’t they just stay home and have their butler whip them up a sandwich?

After dinner, we went to Publix to get our groceries.  They’re calling for snow this week, so we had to make sure we had all the ingredients for a milk sandwich!


On the way in, Stephanie grabs up one of those racecar shopping carts.  You know the ones that are twice as wide and two times as long as a regular one.  I asked her not to get one, but she insisted that Ansley would be happier if she was facing forward (which was allowed by these specialty buggies).  Gosh, the crowd was horrendous and there were two Mom’s co-shopping and letting their tween rule the store.  They took up the whole aisle and seemed to be everywhere we, and our 10 foot long racecar, needed to be.  I thought about running them into the wall or cutting them off…we did have the racecar shopping cart after all.

On the way home from Publix, I told Steph that the shopping made me edgy and cranky.  She told me take two deep breaths in and out and calm down.  I started to feel better and thought well, at least now we can go home, unload the groceries and everything will be smooth from here on out.  Then this happened:
Prego pasta sauce fell out of the back of our minivan when I opened the door.  Crash!!!  Ooey Gooey pasta sauce was all over our garage floor.  I’m not sure which caused it, my grocery packing abilities or Stephanie’s driving.  I’ll remind you that I worked at Bi-Lo for 5 years in high school and college, and you can form your own opinion. 🙂
Well, I’ve cleaned up the mess, and strangely, I’m in the mood for some Italian food.  I think I’ll call it a night, but I’ll probably trip and fall on the way to bed!

New Year, New Outlet

January 6, 2011

For 2011, the Blanton’s have decided to start a blog.  This is mainly for our benefit, but we definitely hope that others will read it and follow along with us.  We are excited to have a place online where we can go and relive our memories.  So without further adieu.  May I introduce the Blanton’s:

This is our Christmas 2010 family photo

Starring: Steven, Stephanie and Ansley with their dogs Pixie (white bichon mix) and Emma (Yorkie)